From Nostalgic Animated Gaming Cars to Illuminated Nostrils

 - Mar 27, 2014
These tech toys for boys are a dream for any gadget loving child. Having a toy that has motors, and makes noise, puts it on the top of the chest. These items are all ones that boys will gravitate towards to play with first before any other boring non-tech toy. With boys being adventurous and curious, these toys will feed their curiosity. With that curious nature that will lead to some boys wanting to take apart their toys to find out just exactly how it works.

Tech toys come in many varieties from remote control cars to noise makers all these toys will keep any child preoccupied while you are busy working or cooking. Some toys are even perfect for pranking parents, such as a light that you put up your nose. Boys will live their alien dreams with the ability to have light up nostrils.