Yubi-Poki Virtual Knuckle Cracker Gives Arthritis to the Ears

 - May 31, 2009
References: inventorspot & newlaunches
Usually parents give their child a toy in order to stop that constant annoyance that some (most) children bring upon them (NOT ALWAYS…I love children).

Now toys available to offer them only add to the migraine that follows. The Yubi-Poki Virtual Knuckle Cracker is exactly what it sounds like.

The cracking of the knuckles used to end when the talented young boy or girl ran out of knuckles. Now the fun never stops. The satisfaction of the physical cracking is not there, but the reaction from innocent bystanders is.

The Yubi-Poki Virtual Knuckle Cracker cost around $5 (USD).

For parents: Do NOT get this for them (they may buy it themselves, however).

For Children: Buy it yourselves (sweeeeeeet).