The E-Catch Net Harmlessly Captures the Image of Insects

 - Mar 4, 2013
References: & tuvie
The E-Catch Net is such an innovative concept that caters to an interest in entomology. Unlike the archetypal aerial insect net, this one has no mesh material, it does not capture the actual bug, nor does it harm it.

Conceived by Cheng Zhang, Wang Lingen and Jin Tuo, the cutting-edge contraption comprises a rubber stem that's easy to grip and a ring embedded with 3D scanning technologies. Go out into the field with this device and simply guide the hoop over your resting subject. Its image will be recorded and stored within the the apparatus's integrated memory.

Later, plug the E-Catch Net into your computer with a USB cable and you'll see a collection of digital likenesses of the dragonflies, bumblebees and moths that you encountered. You can print these out and cut them up to create models for play or education.