The ivee Sleek Can Control the Lights, Temperature and More

 - Jun 21, 2013
References: helloivee & uncrate
In the modern age, consumers are looking to automate their lives in more ways than ever before and the ivee Sleek looks to make the process simpler than ever before imagined. Working with sophisticated voice recognition technology, the ivee Sleek is being designed to become the go-to device for doing all of one's daily chores around the house.

Simply begin speaking to the ivee Sleek and it will be able to tell you the time, turn off the lights, change the temperature and even clean up a mess when connected to a Roomba. The innovative technology behind the ivee Sleek looks to separate users from their phones for smart home controlling and simply speak the commands instead of tapping on an iPhone for them.

Check out the ivee Sleek Kickstarter page for more information about how to get involved and get your hands on one.