The 'Morning Dew Mobile Phone Concept' is Emotionally Captivating

 - Mar 30, 2012
References: yankodesign &
Seunghan Song has built himself a reputation for creating phone concepts that allow a form of serendipity for their owners and the new 'Morning Dew Mobile Phone Concept' continues to grow his flair for creativity. This phone can be used to decorate any surface it's placed on with a sleek design that almost looks celestial.

It is shaped halfway between an oval and a rectangle and has a smooth, watery theme to its design. It is a slide phone and the keyboard slides out with pink bars that look like rippling waves as well. The center of the phone carries a large, circular hole that changes colors as well.

What makes this phone stand out the most, however, is the fact that its charger revitalizes its power through another form of sliding. The Morning Dew Mobile Phone Concept comes with its own slide as if from a playground. When it needs to be charged, the user places the phone at the top of the slide and it progresses down as it charges and comes to a stop at the bottom when complete.