The PowerLoop iPhone Case Keeps Your USB Connector Attached

 - Mar 1, 2013
References: quirky
The standard smartphone protector adds a bit of bulk to your handset in order to absorb any impact, but wouldn't it be great if that extra thickness contributed something else to your mobile phone? The PowerLoop iPhone Case incorporates a coiled USB cable that's stored in the back of the cover, escaping from a strap.

In addition to getting a handy lanyard that can hook your device around your wrist, this slight accessorizing of the basic silicone protector equips you with the necessary tools for refueling your gadget on the go. Just unclip the band; plug the short end into the jack at the bottom of your smartphone; meanwhile, the long end can connect to a computer flash drive or USB-compatible charger. Made by Quirky, the PowerLoop iPhone Case ensures that your solution to a low-battery situation is always at hand.