Two Million Virgin Atlantic Miles Get You Into Space

 - Sep 30, 2006
References: news.independent
Collecting more air miles than you can use? Well, now you can use your air miles to get into space. For two million Virgin Atlantic air miles, you can buy one of the $200,000 tickets on Virgin Galactic's commercial spaceship.

From The Independent:
Passengers on Sir Richard Branson's forthcoming commercial flights into space will have six minutes to somersault freely in zero gravity and contemplate the fragility of the Earth, before strapping themselves in for their return to the California desert.

"The pilot has turned off the 'Fasten seatbelts' sign; you are now free to float around the cabin as you wish," holders of the $200,000 (£107,000) tickets will be told as the Virgin Galactic spaceship reaches an altitude of 90 miles.

Sir Richard unveiled the interior of the Virgin spaceship, promising "the most intense and wonderful experience our passengers have ever had".