The Triabook Shelves Deliver Simple and Flexible Design

 - Oct 14, 2013
References: elemotions & yankodesign
Wall-mounted shelving becomes a little more casual with these Triabook Shelves by Elemotions. They require less effort in installation and they offer versatility when the storage space is not necessary. To set them up, just measure out where you'd like them and drill two holes in the wall. Screw a looped leather strap into both of them; these become the braces of the unit.

You have your choice of the hide strips' length and color, as well as the possibility of cinching the material underneath for the easy insertion of a supplementary metal rail. Single panels of oak wood become the ledges for the storage system, yet these can be removed or flipped up, should the Triabook Shelves be temporarily empty and in the way.