The Booktree Shelf by Kostas Syrtariotis Bears Literary Fruit

 - Apr 8, 2011
References: & techeblog
Now why would you settle with a boring rectangular storage system when you can have something like the Booktree Shelf by Kostas Syrtariotis, which satisfies function with added aesthetic intrigue? The branching bookcase adds a little animation to your interior decor, topped off with a playful quality that makes it great for any space, from home libraries to children's bedrooms.

The gorgeous organic piece comes as two arboreal species, both of them are made entirely of solid wood, one from ash and one of ebony. They're composed of a sturdy trunk and three branches with secondary boughs that keep your paperback novels and hardcover volumes in their lighthearted lofty locations. The Booktree Shelf by Kostas Syrtariotis is wall-mounted with just two screws and can be installed easily in 10 minutes.