These Wall Hooks Look Like Over-Sized Stationery Pins

 - Aug 11, 2013
References: fancy
These fun and colorful wall hooks might throw you off at first, as they look like overgrown push pins. However, instead of cork boards, these push pins are drilled into your walls. They are specially designed so that they can be securely mounted using two screws. The giant push pins are great for hanging hats, clothes, lanyards or bags.

Regular push pins normally look flimsy, but these over-sized ones are very sturdy. Each push pin is coated with silicone at the end for grip support; the hooks are well-designed for optimal functionality.

Cute in a nostalgic way, these tack-like wall hooks would liven up any living space. Not only are they colorful, but also visually intriguing since most people aren't used to seeing a push pin over-sized and out of proportion.