The Blindry System Incorporates Two Functions Fit for Small Living Spaces

 - May 29, 2012
References: & tuvie
It's easy to appreciate the resourcefulness of the Blindry system, which is capable of satisfying two needs in an economical and environmentally responsible fashion. It is, in its essence, a hinged frame that matches your window, made up of 10 rails that can hold your wet laundry.

The wooden shutter can be latched up vertically or drawn down perpendicular to the wall depending on the user's preference and the task at hand. With a fresh load of clean clothes from the washing machine, you might choose to hang your garments along these racks, and to give them a breeze and you some shade with the contraption lifted fully. Through Blindry, Ko Kyungeun and Kim Bobin have devised an eco method of managing your wardrobe, a passive way to modify the climate of your home and a clever way to treat space-starved apartments.