Oyer Portable Clothes Dryer is Easy to Store and Use and Quick to Work

 - Mar 27, 2013
References: behance.net & industrialdesignserved
Not everybody can afford the initial price, the maintenance costs and the space to keep a large domestic drier in his home, making the Ôyer Portable Dryer an extremely valuable appliance. Pengfei Li designed the device with southern Asia in mind specifically, where many regions experience 50 days of rain over June and July alone.

The innovative idea was to make a small electronic component that integrates two air vents, one for drawing in cool fresh air and one for expelling wet warm air. A durable blue hamper is paired with the mechanism that functions in place of the drum of the dryer. Just pack your dirty items into the bag, connect it to the Ôyer Portable Dryer and your articles will be dehydrated and warm in no time.