The Nouvelle Vague Keeps Your Lightly Worn Clothes Off of the Floor

 - Apr 16, 2013
References: lisahilland
It's fairly rare that you would stumble upon a piece as beautiful as this, that's intended to deal with the likes of dirty clothes. The Nouvelle Vague is certainly one-up on your cracked plastic laundry basket in looks, plus it incorporates the convenient functionality of a coatrack.

Lisa Hilland's elegant design is assembled from strips of ash wood, forming a six-legged frame that tapers slightly towards the top and incorporates a circular surface halfway up. Creating a bit of a pannier about the upper portion, sinuous timbers act like netting, exuding a formal grace. The pointed tips function well as pegs so that you can sling accessories and various articles over the edge of the Nouvelle Vague, storing soiled or clean garments within it.