Green Wash is an Eco Machine for Health and Hygiene

 - Dec 11, 2011
While it may appear to be an odd combination at first, Green Wash by Saravanan Nagasundaram proposes a compelling idea that brings two very different devices together for an ingenious scheme of household energy efficiency. Stationary bicycle, meet the washing machine.

The appliance that people rely on weekly to clean their dirty laundry consumes an incredible amount of electricity. On the other hand, modern man has become increasingly committed to his exercise equipment which encourages him to burn off hundreds of calories in one go that are more or less wasted.

Green Wash is a hybrid spinning bike and a front loader engineered to harness kinetic energy from its user to power a spin cycle. The designer suggests that when placed in a commercial environment, the Green Wash can offer employees credits for cleaning their clothes when they use this innovative appliance.