The 'GiraDora' Manual Washing Machine Could Drastically Aid the Poor

The 'GiraDora' manual washing machine is a totally sustainable way to get your laundry done. Two design students, Alex Cabunoc and Ji A You, from the Art Center College of Design are responsible for this radical invention.

The design was established to help out people in poorer countries; the team started the whole process in Lima, Peru. The design's intended use is to lesson issues for people struggling with low water supplies and who are poverty stricken.

Co.Design quotes Cabunoc saying, "So much time, energy, and resources are used for basic water chores like cooking and cleaning. It leaves little time for other activities that might help one get out of poverty."

GiraDora is a foot-pedal operated system, it's portable, and allows users to sit while using it. It would help to reduce health risks and it uses less water.

This is still a prototype, but would be an awesome way to help millions of people out.