The Dryer Top Ironing Board Makes the Most of an Unused Surface

 - May 29, 2013
References: solutions & craziestgadgets
Lugging out a huge ironing board can be cumbersome, which is where the Dryer Top Ironing Board can effectively replace the oversized piece of equipment by making use of an otherwise wasted surface. The Dryer Top Ironing Board works by laying flat on top of a dryer and sticking in place with strong magnets. The heat-resistant upper material means it won't burn through or do any harm to the machine itself.

The Dryer Top Ironing Board is a must-have for those who live in cramped quarters without a traditional ironing board. What's more, it cuts down on the number of items needed to perform everyday tasks as it makes use of a perviously unused surface to make doing laundry that much quicker and efficient.