From Hanging Fabric Shelving to Adaptable Pouch Racks

 - Jul 15, 2012
To some people closet-keeping inventions are an imperative part of home decor and keeping your place neat and tidy. However, for those who are not naturally gifted in the area of organization, these closet finds are sure to add some special effects to the routine of folding and hanging.

Not only do these closet keeping inventions offer a range of sweet and awesome designs for those looking to pump up their closet, but they also add an incentive to actually use your closet for clothes storage, rather than one's floor. A closet doesn't have to be a bulky, clunky thing taking up space in your room or a secret department tucked away where you put everything you no longer care much about, it can actually function as a great organization unit with a design personality of its own.