The Memory Hook is Unmatched by Plastic and Metal Racks

 - Oct 6, 2011
With a closet full of durable wire, wood and plastic clothes hangers, you may be wondering what the appeal is of the paper-based Memory Hook. Perhaps you might be skeptical of its stability, its longevity or its look within your wardrobe, but a careful observation will leave you impressed with this clever concept.

Winner of Dwell Magazine's Innovate-It contest, this delightful domestic contraption has a strength in its simplicity. The rack can be made from recycled card, cut straight from a factory-made sheet and recycled once more when it has served its purpose. The production process is undoubtedly uncomplicated and admirably environmentally friendly.

In terms of practicality, the product does not fall short. The Memory Hook by Marco Guadarrama incorporates a simple slit in the center and adjacent folded flaps. A pair of slacks can be slung through the slot with not so much as a subtle crease left behind once the pants have been pull out.