The Boost Step Stool is Easy to Store

 - Oct 30, 2011
References: quirky
Quirky helps bring inventors ideas to life, and one of their newest products is the Boost Step Stool, a device that's simple and easy to store.

Most step stools are difficult to store and are rarely there when you need them. Boost is a step stool that you can hang in your closet, making it easy to grab when you want to reach the top shelf. Instead of heading to the garage or basement to find a step stool, or balancing on a chair, you’ll find this step stool where you need it most, hanging with your shelves. The hook also doubles as a handle for support when climbing. The Boost Step Stool has a thin profile and a clean and attractive style that should work in most closets or even the kitchen. In addition to hanging up, this step stool can also stand up when folded. Typical step stools with two steps must lean against a wall. The non-slip legs on the stool allow it to stand up by itself. Made with an aluminum frame and plastic steps, the Boost Step Stool is a sturdy and lightweight device for easy lifting and carrying.