Netrobe is a Handheld Virtual Wardrobe That Will Reorganize Your Clothing

 - Sep 8, 2011
References: netrobe & techcrunch
For those who have too many clothing options, Netrobe will help you organize and customize your wardrobe, so that users look classier with each passing day.

Although having too many clothes isn't a problem I normally face, one can see how (minutes before a serious appointment) a closet full of choices could be overwhelming. By allowing one to photograph or scan every piece of apparel, Netrobe functionally "digitizes" your clothes. After paying the user fee, people will be able to organize their closet, plan for trips and even drag clothing pieces onto their own digitized frame. For those who saw the 1995 comedy hit 'Clueless' and recall the virtual wardrobe that Cher used before heading for school, Netrobe is essentially a realized version of that program. The only difference may be its sleekness and portability.