(parentesis) by Salvador Bru Provides a Useful Spatial Interlude

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: behance.net
In small dwellings with inadequate storage space it can be really difficult to conceal any possessions at all. An object called (parentesis) by Salvador Bru can provide a little bit of practical and perceptible relief by breaking up multi-use rooms and offering a structure on which to stow your belongings.

The charming piece has two purposes, with one acting as a partition and the other as a wall of clothes pegs. Its frame is tall and narrow so that you can stand one or several together to separate an open program or construct yourself a sort of closet.

Bent plywood was used to manufacture (parentesis) by Salvador Bru in order to mimic the look of a pair of brackets or parentheses when viewed sidelong. The clever contraption affords the opportunity to liken your mess to a literary afterthought.