- Mar 25, 2014
Aside from being pretty novel on their own, these Japanese restaurants seem to be in a contest to out-weird one another. Most of the time, it’s the quirkiness of the restaurant design that draws people in, like the Ginza 111 in Tokyo, which functions as both an Internet café and a karaoke bar in one—perfect for singing while you surf the net?

If you’re more focused on the offerings of food rather than the experience, some crazy Japanese restaurants to check out include Café Est! Est!, which serves ice cream topped with ice cream, or the Nohachi restaurant, whose chef sometimes serves sushi made on a single grain of rice.

As zany as some of these ideas may be, cat cafes, toilet-themed restaurants and establishments with servers dressed as cute maids have slowly been coming overseas to North American within the last couple of years.

From Eroticized Coffee Shops to Toilet-Themed Restaurants: