This Tokyo Restaurant Combines Technology with Food

 - Nov 16, 2013
References: bbc
More than 127.6 million people live in Japan, and if you've ever been to visit, you will realize that Japan is an intensely busy, sometimes seemingly frantic city that capitalizes and prides itself on its advanced technology and efficiency.

In a sushi restaurant in Tokyo, you are able to find the two themes that permeate all of Japan -- technology and efficiency. Combined with the easy and simplistic ordering system, the restaurant also offers an invaluable quality -- peace and quiet.

The automated Japanese eatery is known for its 'smartness,' with a touchscreen tablet taking your orders, a regular conveyor belt and a high-speed belt that serves customers their personal requests. There is even a chute for all your dirty dishes with the bill calculated as you throw the plates down the chute, so there is really no need for waiters either.