Modern Toilet Restaurant Features Lavatory-Themed Seats & Plates

 - Mar 8, 2012
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Most people avoid talking about anything washroom-related during meals, but at Modern Toilet Restaurant, it will no doubt be a prominent topic of conversation. That’s because the idiosyncratic eatery in Taipei, Taiwan features toilets as seating and serves their delectable goodies on toilet seat plates. Paranoid hygienists need not visit.

All seating at Modern Toilet Restaurant is differently designed, so a visit to the place will sate your love of Asian food and eccentric furnishings. Tables are made of clear glass placed on top of tubs and sinks, and various quarters of the restaurant mimic varied public restrooms. There’s even a television in the eatery displaying animations of an humanoid piece of fecal matter peeing into a urinal. They may have taken the washroom theme a little too far, but no one can deny the restaurant’s creativity.

Visitors should note that the toilet chairs are non-functional.