Nomiya Opens on the Roof of Palais de Tokyo

Nomiya, a Japanese word for ‘little bars,’ is a chic new restaurant designed by the French artist Laurent Grasso and his brother that is located on the roof of one of the coolest landmarks in Paris—Palais de Tokyo.

Nomiya looks like a rectangular glass box as big as a shipping container, holding a dozen guests who want to spice up their lunch/dinner with excellent views of Eiffel Tower.

One of the interesting experiences is about the reservation as there is only one table available. So if you book only two seats, you will have to eat with another 10 strangers, and the "strange encounter" is actually part of the plan.

On the food side, guests won’t get disappointed with Gilles Stassart, the chef who gained himself the art-meets-cuisine skills at the Transversal restaurant in the Mac/Val contemporary art museum in Val-de-Marne.