These Rainbow-Hued Creations are Witty and Whimsical

 - Dec 16, 2011
From impressive spaces and interactive art installations to brightly-hued furniture pieces, architects, artists and designers are taking the world on a kelaidescopic journey of color. Color enriches objects and spaces often giving them a seemingly positive mood and optimistic outlook.

A strong fearlessness with color evokes feelings, emotions and memories, urging us to use our imagination and creativity. From stained glass chairs to pulsing light walls, these psychedelic designs are experimenting with a broad spectrum of colour employing innovative materials, light modulation and dynamic concepts.

From color-changing art installations to mood sensitive design, lighting, furnishings, interiors and building facades are all showcasing a bold and dynamic relationship with color. Dynamic architecture and interiors shine as memorable spaces while multi-colored objects fuse aesthetics with convenience and functionality.

These daring technicolored designs are re-imagining traditional design ideals.