Karim Rashid Vesna Store

 - Apr 22, 2008
References: frame-digital
One of my favorite designers, Karim Rashid, has designed a unique, out-of-this world interior for the Vesna youth store in Moscow.

The Egyptian designer created artistic shelves, customised wallpaper, racks, and counters with round curves and bright colours to house the over 45,000 items for sale including clothes, gadgets, CDs, books and magazines.

A funky wall of LED tiles displays dynamic artwork and images. He also created a pink bar where about 25 people can relax when they get tired from shopping. A functional artsy touch is the white ceiling with its lime light strokes that guides shoppers through the shop. Whenever you feel lost, just look up!

Karim Rashid explains his motivation for the Vesna project: “I tried to get rid of class, elitism, mass, and conventions, instead I tried to mix high art with low art. To create a world without racial or economic differences. This project is based on diversity, variety, multiplicity, and change.”

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