Ryoko Series By Kenzo

 - Aug 11, 2007
References: labullekenzo
These artsy little pods contain 20 ml of delicious Kenzo perfume. The jet-set-sized fragrances won't give you any hassle at security either since they're under 50 ml. You might have to stick them in a beastly zip-lock bag, but that still won't hide their eye candy appeal -- the bold Jolly Rancher hues will still gleam through, making you the envy of all airport-dwelling fashionistas.

The catch? You knew there had to be one. They're only available at select duty free shops. One container of the eau-de-pod costs $30.

The innovative designs were created by Canadian Karim Rashid, who had previously worked with Kenzo in 2006 for KenzoAmour.