From Transgendered Signature Fragrances to Musical Perfume Packs

 - Nov 20, 2009   Updated: Jul 5 2011
Scents, perfumes, colognes, fragrances; whatever you want to call them, they work. Men and women respond to smells the way a dog responds to the mailman. I guess it proves that we are all just a bunch of horny animals out here in this world.

From transgendered signature fragrances to musical perfume packs, check out all of the fearless fragrances which will have you sniffing for more.

Implications - In the perfume industry, as in many other modern industries, presentation and packaging is equally as important to consumption levels as the product itself. Packaging that is aesthetically appealing, original and reflective of the product it houses excites interest in the product. With many products, the aesthetic presentation is the only way to set the product apart from its various competitors.