Pepper and Tanky's Dog Perfume Sweetens Pooch Pheromones

 - May 26, 2009
References: pepperandtanky & luxist
Now I don’t think this is a sign of the apawcalypse, but it is quite out there.

Pepper and Tanky’s Dog Perfume is taking animal treatment to a whole new level. In all honesty, you would think someone long before now would have thought it was a good idea to attempt to improve the smell of a dog. Luckily for Pepper and Tanky, they were the first to actually make it happen.

The innovation is fine French, animal cruelty-free eau du parfum for dogs that uses natural oils and less alcohol so that it doesn’t irritate sensitive skin. 

The perfume comes in four scents: Peaches N’ Cream, Puppy Love, Big Dawg, and Vanilla Woof.

It appears as thought human perfume/cologne sales may start to rise out of envy (I don’t want my dog to out-smell me).