From Pee-Scented Perfume to Sushi Cologne

 - May 31, 2011
Many can relate to indulging in luscious perfume scents on a regular basis, but none quite like these putrid perfumes. From pee-scented perfume to sushi cologne, these fragrances are in a league all their own.

If you’ve ever had the desire to smell like urine, cash, watches, feces, fast food or even crude oil, rest assured there are putrid perfumes out there for you! Why smell like a floral arrangement or majestic musk when you could smell like leather or meat?

There is no better time than to test out some of these putrid perfumes than summer. Granted, smelling like sushi or sausages may not get you the hot summer romance you’ve been looking for, but these smells may attract hungry individuals looking for yummy foods!