The Scent of Departure Encapsulates a City's Fragrance

 - Mar 27, 2011
References: thescentofdeparture & springwise
Next time you're traveling through Istanbul's airport, be sure to stop by the duty-free shop and look for the Scent of Departure. The Scent of Departure is a new perfume designed specifically for duty-free shops to capture the essence of a city's scent.

What sets the Scent of Departure apart from other city-specific perfumes is that each bottle is labeled with the airport's three-letter code. Currently the Scent of Departure is only available to travelers passing through Munich, Vienna, Budapest and Frankfurt, but the Scent of Departure is planning to go global sometime in late 2011. These perfumes seem like a great alternative to the typical airport gift shop fare -- not that I dislike stuffed bears and shot glasses. I'm excited to see what the different scents of the U.S. smell like. Hopefully the San Diego scent isn't a mixture of seawater and tacos.