Eau de Couvent is Causing Commotion in the Blogosphere

 - Apr 21, 2011
References: colette.fr & colette.fr
The sensually clerical scent is called Eau de Couvent, or "Water of Convent," and is quite the unexpected name for a perfume. The story behind this scent goes like this: taken with love, an enamoured nun offered it as a token of her affection to a young officer.

This controversial product was conceived in memory of a crystal bottle found in the tall grass of the Corsican scrub at the foot of the old convent of San Francescu in Nebbio. The sacrilegious memento of a forbidden love mixes fresh and invigorating scents of violets, jasmine and mandarin, "carefully measured for a special moment". Eau de Couvent comes in a modest glass bottle along with a silver token that resembles a Patron Saint Medal.