The Bacon Cologne is Uses the Essence of Pork

 - Apr 8, 2011
References: fargginay & thegloss
Fargginay is a company that produces a unisex perfume known as Bacōn Cologne. The colognes consist of two scents; Bacōn Classic and Bacōn Gold.

Bacōn Classic is a scent that the makers describe as a "spicey maple" scent, whereas Bacōn Gold has been described as "sizzling citrus." The company's tagline for Bacōn Cologne is a simple pun: "A Scent by the Gods."

The two colognes don't completely reek of bacon though. The perfume is blended with essential oils as well as floral and herbal scents--the bacon scent is considered to be just a dash. The secret formula is also what sets this Bacōn Cologne from the others. The branding of the cologne is quite sophisticated, with minimal packaging and a metallic and cream color scheme.

As a bacon lover, I'd be worried about the bacon smell making me hungry.