From Collagen Chicken Skewers to Meaty Stick Treats

 - Nov 28, 2014
There's something incredibly appealing about simple dishes and snacks comprising little more than meat on a stick. Food trends will come and go, but the simplicity of skewered and otherwise stick-bound meats is sure to ensue.

Meat on a stick is a convenient way to get your animal protein in without getting your hands greasy. It also allows you to consume small portions per serving, making it ideal for parties and other gatherings where finger foods take precedence over main course dishes. There's nothing quite like sipping a cold beer at a BBQ while munching on a chicken satay skewer for instance.

However, stick-attached meats don't necessarily have to be appetizers or finger foods. Some kinds of kebabs -- not to mention corn dogs -- are hearty enough to make for self-contained meals.