The O! Cap Emits Colour and Fragrance... and Looks Like Pacman!

 - Jun 15, 2009   Updated: Jul 7 2011
The O! Cap not only resembles Pacman, but is also an eco-friendly, aromatic bulb cap that adds a little spice to your everyday home lighting. 

These silicone scented lampshades change the colour of the light bulb they surround, while also providing a fresh fragrance. Different coloured O! Caps have different scents; orange has a mandarin aroma, green has a lemongrass aroma, and purple has a cherry blossom aroma.

Implications - In today's consumption-hungry culture, consumers have developed much higher expectations pertaining the performance and functionality in the products in which they choose to invest their time and money. Businesses that are able to evoke a wide range of emotions and senses through one product will appeal to the rising demands of consumers in today's industry.