From Sci-Fi Panties to Gamer Gowns

 - Apr 10, 2013
The whole concept of being a geek has evolved so much, with geeky girl garments serving as proof of the evolution. You’ll find much more than nerdy glasses in a nerdy chick's arsenal, although the dorky accessory has become a staple fashion statement piece from billboards to runways.

It goes without saying that the modern geeky girl brings both brains and beauty to the table. Incredible clothing, lingerie pieces and accessories have all gotten the geek treatment. From iPhone undies to USB Engagement Rings, these pieces will amaze you with how chic, fun and easy dressing nerdy can be.

This gallery of geeky girl garments is for those who can’t wait to sport that new Chewbacca bikini, Batman manicure or Pac-Man ring.