Fashion Geek Book By Diana Eng

 - Mar 19, 2009
References: news.cnet
If you’re a Project Runway fan, you’ll remember contestant Diana Eng, who had created a number of technological fashions, with the most remembered one probably being the skirt that was fastened with magnets.

Eng has just released a book called "Fashion Geek," where she offers up women who love their tech gadgets along with fashion; a step-by-step guide on how to put the two together into practical designs.

One of Diana’s more memorable creations has been her Inflatable Dress, which will adjust in shape in response to deflating and inflating.

As the description of the book says, "High fashion goes digital with Diana Eng! In Fashion Geek, Diana pioneers an emerging generation of tech savvy women crafters (or would-be crafters) who demand stylish yet practical designs that are chemically charged. Now you can take simple, girly items such as a hoodie or scarf and transform them into must-have techno-accessories through approachable, step-by-step directions. Full-color photos make it easy to see how every project comes to life."

Now just add a toolbox and tools to your sewing kit and you’ll be ready to go.