These Disheveled Styles Rebel Against Tradition

 - Feb 12, 2013
These haute hobo fashion features replace sleek and traditional tailoring with exaggerated volumes and disheveled grooming. Embracing an eccentric way of dressing, these lookbooks, runway shows and editorial spreads stray from a traditional path and pave way for a new generation of street style.

From grunge-inspired streetwear to layered robe couture, these unconventional fashions often feature dramatic draping details, an excess of layered fabrics and eclectic textile patterns.

Whether referencing nostalgic styling or opposing the sharply dressed corporate aesthetic of our everyday world, these hobo fashion features exude a carefree attitude and are often adopted by easy-going hipsters. Whether creating up-cycled garments or embracing tattered finishing details, designers are daring to leave a lasting style impression with their take on a disheveled aesthetic.