Woo the Nerd in Your Life with These Geeky DIY Projects

 - Feb 3, 2013
Nerds need love this Valentine's Day too, and what better way to show that than with some geeky DIY projects?

There's a DIY project here for any time frame and budget. Granted, some of these geeky DIY projects will require one heck of a time commitment or budgetary consideration, but all are doable in the comfort of your own home. Just watch out if you actually decide to build a dangerous and functional Star Trek phaser. These projects range from simple (like LEGO-encrusted headphones) to difficult (like office supply Star Wars ships or DIY costumes from video games and comic books). If you want to go above and beyond for the geek you love, there's DIY arcade cabinets and pixelated coffee tables too.

So don't worry, with these ideas it'll be a great Valentine's Day with your geek other.