This Graph Teaches People How to Make Homemade Survival Kits

 - Dec 18, 2012
It's impossible to prevent a natural disaster and with the impending Mayan apocalypse, it is good to know that people can still make their own homemade survival kits to help them store food, have light and stay warm.

A simple DIY homemade survival kit can easily be made with simple items most households already have like duct tape, milk jugs, aluminum foil, toilet paper, coffee tins, large pots and plastic wrap. Unfortunately, if the end of the world does come on Friday, it may be too late to find a large enough storage space that's also safe enough from leering eyes and a rain of fire, though it's not too late to start building that secret stash anyway just in case. And if the apocalypse doesn't happen, these items can be used as a cheaper alternative to emergency camping tools as well.