Nerd It Up With Studded Leggings C3P0 Will Be Jealous of

 - Nov 30, 2009
References: trenddelacreme
Balenciaga may have been one of the first to adopt sci-fi pants (what fashionista can forget the golden C4P0 pants?), but studded leggings that look like they were destined for galaxies far, far away have been adopted by a bevvy of designers eager to get on board the trend.

The gallery here shows a few of the designers that have introduced their own versions of studded leggings, most of which are black with silver embellishments. Designer credits go to Top Shop, French Connection, Christobel, Oasis, Daddy Long Legs and Bebe.

Now, what do you wear studded leggings with? Fake metal bikinis? Knitted Princess Leia hats?