- Oct 14, 2013
These printed stockings showcase the different designs females can wear on their legs. Whether they are leggings with interesting patterns or tights that play with different opacity levels, plain opaque tights are much too simple compared to these prints. Several themes can be found among these hose.

Some printed stockings are specific to a location, with different city skylines or flags printed on them. Many are geek chic and pay homage to different science fiction franchises. Cats and other pets are also prevalent. Some take a darker route, with skeletal and gun designs.

These boldly patterned tights show the preference for embellished everyday wardrobe stables, as it is a fun way to show personal flair with an otherwise drab outfit. Given the colorful nature of many of these designs, one could color block very effectively for a louder look, or pair with a neutral to turn the tights into a statement piece.

From Romantic Parisian Tights to Hot Melting Hosiery: