Pimped-Out Pantyhose and Embellished Hosiery

 - Aug 31, 2009
References: vogue
Trolling the catwalks of Doo Ri and Emanuel Ungaro are, bedazzled in all their glory, pimped to an eye-glaringly brash sheen, tights.

The leggings, which range in style from mildly sparkly to iced-out accessories 50 Cent would be jealous of, can be as cheap as $10, while the designer brands can run into the hundreds of dollars.

Pretty but impractical when one considers how easily tights snag and ruin. For those looking to save some money while still attaining the look, there is always the DIY route; sewing on the beads and sequins by hand. Time consuming? Yes, but more cost-efficient in the end.