These Sandwich Leggings are Deliciously Fashionable and One of a Kind

 - Sep 9, 2013
References: lazyoaf
Sandwich leggings are a fun and colorful way to make a statement as you strut down the halls at school.

If you're someone who wants to stray away from typical black or solid colored hosiery, getting a pair with quirky designs will definitely liven up your wardrobe. From far away these vibrant leggings look just like a bunch of random and fun patterns. However, a closer look will reveal a variety of deliciously made sandwiches that look good enough to eat!

The hosiery features bread, tomatoes, cheese and other sandwich essentials stacked extremely high; it'll definitely be hard for people to not crave a hearty sub after looking at your clothes.

Since the colors are so bright on these sandwich leggings, it'll be extremely difficult for people to keep their eyes off of you.