These Custom-Made R2D2 Shorts by 'Productiveslacker' are Geek-Chic

It's apparently quite difficult to find Star Wars-themed lady wear, so 'Productiveslacker' decided she should design her own R2D2 Shorts. Judging by the photographs she posted, the blogger did a good job of it.

Not only does the design accurately capture the most essential qualities of the chirping robot from George Lucas's famous films, the cuts are such that they fit well.

Virtually anybody can make, say, a custom t-shirt by pressing some design on to it. However, it's another task altogether to create a well-fitting, properly proportioned garment that still has enough fabric to accommodate involved decals.

From the robot's white and blue signature color-scheme to its buttons and doo-dads, Productiveslacker deserves credit for her illustrative talents as well as her crafty tailoring.