Pad Diffuses Perfume After Received eMail

 - Sep 24, 2006
References: & osmooze
The Pad lets you communicate by scent. Connect it to your computer using the a USB port and you'll get a diffusion of the perfume when you receive messages from select individuals.

The diffusion of the perfume, contained in small easy to change cartridges, will be activated by your computer on receipt of all e.mails, or chosen persons as you wish.

Even better, your closest friends, members of your family, each time they have a thought for you, they will be able to let you know without disturbing you, simply by using their mobile phone! In seconds, they will indeed be able to activate the diffusion of your Pad next to you!

The diffusion force and time can be programmed depending on the nature of the message you receive!
The program for "SMS reception" is not valid outside France.

Communicating with Perfumed Diffusion - Tomorrow, new functions will be added to increase the opportunity to breath your chosen perfume: for example, if the evolution of the stock exchange is positive, or if the weather forecast is to be sunny the next day (then perfumed), or again if the road traffic, at a specific time, is rather clear, etc.