- Dec 24, 2008
Scent marketing, or scentvertising, is a marketing phenomenon that will likely grow stronger in the new year. Incorporating the sense of smell into different ad forms is being seen across all industries, from scratch 'n' sniff McDonalds ads to promote Cinnamon Rolls, to scented bus stops to target hungry transit users.

Trend Hunter has watched scentvertising evolve from smaller companies promoting scratch ‘n’ sniff text books, to bigger companies like Sony selling smell phones.

It has been scientifically proven that the human sense of smell has a profound impact on us, particularly our memory, so marketing companies are using scientifically formulated fragrances to evoke specific feelings from their target markets.

Check out a few fascinating examples of olfactory marketing below.

The Scentsational Power of Targeting the Olfactory Senses: