Nose Knows Consulting

 - Apr 2, 2008
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Scent marketing, which we've covered a few times as "scentvertising", is a form of advertising that targets the sense of smell. Nose Knows Consulting is a Canadian company that focuses on the olfactory elements of a project to maximize the impact of the product or message.

Nose Knows offers scent customizations for both products and events.

"Scent design is really simple â€" we create a scent that compliments the design principles! An average person smells over 10,000 aromas daily â€" Nose Knows Consulting offers a service that captures a specific smell for psychological, emotional and physical enjoyment," Nose Knows explains.

"Smell is the only sense which bypasses mental judgment and interpretation and goes straight to the centre of the limbic system, this makes smell the most effective to influence emotion and in turn productivity etc."

Here's some more info on scentvertising: