Olfactory Speakers for Smellovision

 - Dec 2, 2008
References: yankodesign
Although these closely resemble audio speakers, their purpose is quite different; they are in fact, olfactory, or more commonly, "smell" dispensers.  The genius behind this last bastion of enhanced virtual experiences, David Sweeney, brings "smellovision" to new heights. It is well known that smell is one of the very strongest of the senses, and can evoke very strong memories and even alter the way we think. 

The quale diffuser, in this design, learns to associate a unique blend of an aroma to a specific event. These scents are then triggered through out the day. A combination of some of the 16 different distinctive scented oils pass through a piezoelectric pump, and are then broadcast via a fan. This creates a constantly changing "smellscape."

This innovation is making inroads into what is the final frontier of the total virtual equation.